Save Money with Cash Envelopes

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Looking for free DIY printable cash envelope templates? The cash envelope system is a popular way to budget your money, saving you money. These simple template designs allow you to type your own categories and are double-sided so you can track your money and be at financial peace. For more freebies visit

Save Money with

Cash Envelopes

Years ago, whenever possible I would always use cash as I found it easier to keep track of my money this way.  I would withdraw a set amount each month or sometimes on a weekly basis and religiously stick to this unless an emergency happened and I needed to withdraw more.

In recent years though, I’ve been lucky enough to not have to account for every penny I spend I returned to using cards.

However, due to recent circumstances, I’ve found that I have to start carefully watching the pennies again and put my credit cards away.  It’s also nice not to have a small panic attack whenever my credit card statement arrives! 🙂

So, I decided to design my own cash envelopes to make things easier.

How to use:

Firstly, you need to decide how much cash you have to spare each month.  To do this, make a note of your total income and then your expenses that come straight out of your bank account, such as mortgage/rent, utilities etc.

When you’ve worked out how much money you need to cover these expenses, you can then allocate the remaining money to different categories, such as groceries, entertainment, clothes etc to spend in cash.  Although it’s a good idea not to withdraw all of your extra money so you can leave a buffer in your account to cover any unexpected bills.

Once you’ve decided on how much your starting balance will be for each category you can print off your envelopes.

The envelopes will help you keep track of how much you are spending and where and its easy to see at a glance if you need to slow down or even cut out certain things – maybe you didn’t realise how much you spend on those coffee trips!

Each cash envelope has space where you can type in categories such as groceries, travel, health etc.  The envelope also has space where you can select the month.  If you don’t think that you will use up all the spaces provided in the month or you decide to use the envelopes on a weekly basis you can leave the date area blank.

The templates can be printed on A4 or Letter size paper, just select “Actual size” on your printer.  Full instructions are included on the download sheet.


I’m all about saving money so there is space to record your spending on both sides of the envelopes.

I’ve designed a simple black & white version and a variety of colourful designs.

To change them up even more, try printing the black and white version on your own coloured or scrapbook paper.

B&W envelopes printed on scrapbook paper

Get your envelopes now!

Scroll down to see all links to receive your free cash envelope.

If you are typing in the categories, for best results, right-click and save the cash envelopes.
This will ensure that when you type the category name on the flap, it will face the correct way once the envelope is assembled.
(The text should be upside down when you type).

Friendly reminder

Please remember the printables on this site are for personal use only and not for commercial resale.

Thank you.

Black & White Download
Triangles Download
Pink Roses Download
Rainy Day (Teardrops) Download
Stars Download



















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