Daily and Weekly Planners – Summer Tones

Posted June 8, 2017 in All Planners, Other Planners

I love using planners to organize my day.  There is something very satisfying about using pen and paper to write down what needs to be done.  I have tried numerous apps but I always go back to my handwritten lists.  Although I could just use plain paper,  I love creating my own to use as it’s nice to complete your to-do list when it’s nicely presented instead of on a boring plain sheet of paper.

I would be a total scatterbrain without my planners.  These printables incorporate colours which have been inspired by the summer season. So what are you waiting for?  Download a copy and start enjoying these free printables and have fun organizing your day!

The weekly planner has space for six tasks per day, sections for calls and emails to make and any appointments you need to remember.  The asap area is for those urgent tasks that can’t be forgotten so need to stand out.  Finally, there is a helpful notes section that should further assist you in keeping things organized.

The daily planner is useful if you have tons of everyday tasks or like myself prefers to make plans on the weekly planner and then break them down into smaller manageable daily tasks.  As well as having plenty of space for all your chores it has a section where you can cross off your water intake, list the exercise you dream of completing and a repeatable task area.  It too has sections to add any appointments, calls and emails that require your attention.

Each planner comes in three available sizes – Letter, A4 and A5.

Scroll down to the links below to download.

Feel free to contact me if you have any requests for printables.



Daily Planners – Summer Tones

Letter size



Weekly Planners – Summer Tones

Letter size



Click here for the monthly calendars in the Summer Tones set.



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