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Below are FAQ questions and answers to help solve issues you may have.

Of course, you can still contact me if you have any queries.

FAQ: How do I open a document?

Many of my documents are saved onto Google Drive but you don’t need to have an account to access them.

The documents can be viewed in two ways, either by list or grid view.

You then have the choice to download all or if you hover over the individual documents a download icon 

 will appear and you can click on it to download a single document.

The download option will also appear if you click on any document. 

You will need Adobe or some other form of PDF reader to download and print the file(s).  Adobe Reader is available for free at http://get.adobe.com/reader

FAQ: Do I need a password to access printables?

None of my printables are password protected.

If you cannot access printables on Google drive, this may mean that your administrator has blocked your access.  This can happen when using the internet at work.  In this situation, although you can request access I am unable to grant it as your administration will block my request.

I suggest you try to access the Google drive documents from your home or other internet connection.

FAQ: How do I print without a white border around the edges?

Many of my printables have a design that runs to the edge of the page.  As most printers default to shrink the overall image so it fits on the page you will need to adjust your printer settings to borderless printing.

First, go to File and Print which will open the print dialogue box.  My printer, a Canon TS8050, has this option at Properties/Quick Set.   

However, this option may be located in a different place depending on the make and model of your printer and some printers may not have this option.  

Please note as there are so many varieties of printer makes and model, I won’t be able to offer you personal advice regarding this but you should be able to find where your borderless option is if you consult your printer manual or a quick google search should be able to inform you whether, in fact, your printer has this option.

If you are unable to print borderless your printable will have a small white border.

Annoyingly most (or all) Canon printers don’t appear to be able to print borderless in A5 size.

FAQ: My document is missing text when I print?

Ensure that you have the latest Adobe Reader installed, you can find the latest version here.

If that doesn not work, you can also follow the troubleshooting tips located here.

FAQ: How do I print in a different size?

Most of my printables are available in Letter and A5 sizes.  If you require any other size please follow the below instructions:

1. open the print dialogue box by selecting File and then Print;

2. locate your Properties button and click;

3. you should then be able to find an area with page size options where you can choose your new size; and

4. finally, under Page Sizing ensure Fit is selected.

If the size you require is not in the drop-down options you can select Custom and manually enter your required size.

FAQ: How do I print dividers?

When printing dividers ensure that Actual is selected under Page Sizing.

If using a craft knife and cutting board, please be careful not to cut your tab off!

I would advise that you print them on white cardstock and/or for extra sturdiness laminate them.

I hole punch the page(s) before laminating and then use a single hole punch after laminating to ensure that the holes line up correctly.


FAQ: Why isn’t my printed colour the same as on the screen?

Due to various variations in monitors and printers, the colours on your screen may vary slightly from the printed file(s).  For best results, I suggest using fresh ink and white cardstock but ensure you check your printer manual to find out the maximum thickness your printer can print.

FAQ: Do you offer ink friendly printables?

If you prefer a simpler design.  Ink friendly organizational printables are located here.

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