Black and White Tab Dividers for Binders

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Download monthly tab dividers for binders. This printable also includes some editable tabs. Download this free printable and other freebies by visiting

Black and White Tab Dividers for Binders

I created some monthly page dividers to complement the 2019 polka dot monthly calendar to use in one of my binders and also made some tab dividers to use with them.

The tab dividers are perfect for home binders where large printable sheets are used and can also be used in a cabinet filing system.  The download includes January to December tabs and also six blank editable tabs.  I’ve kept it simple and used Arial as the font so the tabs won’t clash with any page dividers used. The tabs are 46mm wide and 22mm high (this doesn’t include the part that is attached to the page – this section has a height of 10mm.

You can find the polka dot and other styles of page dividers HERE.

How I add binder tabs to my page dividers

1.  I start by laminating my tabs.

2.  After I laminate, I cut the tabs into strips and score them using my ScorPal.

3.  You should now have four strips ready to cut out.

4.  After the tabs have been cut out, it’s time to stick them to your page dividers.

5.  I use double sided tape but you can use glue or cello tape to attach the tabs to the page dividers.

6.  Use the line on the tab to place them on the page divider. The easiest way to do this is to line the tabs up on the plain side.

7.  The tabs have been designed to fit 6 tabs equally on Letter size pages.


If using with A4 paper, I would suggest you place the 1st tab at the top of the page, the 6th tab at the bottom of the page and then place the other tabs equally between them.

Would you like some monthly tab dividers for you home binders? This printable also includes some editable tabs. You can download this free printable and other freebies by visiting

Download Tab Dividers

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