5 Creative Ways to Display Printable Wall Art

Posted June 15, 2017 in All Printable Art, Other Printable Art

Find different ways to display printable wall art that can be easily changed depending on your mood.

Your photos and printable wall art don’t need to be displayed in traditional frames on the mantel or unimaginatively grouped on the wall. Mix it up and create a stunning feature for your home. Below is a list of ways to get creative and display printable wall art and there is not one traditional frame is in sight.

5. Washi tape

I love washi tape as it’s such a versatile item and very forgiving when being used.  If you make a mistake, just peel it off and try again.  Washi tape is a great way for displaying art as it’s so easy to use and comes in many designs.  Another bonus is no nails are needed.


 4. Vintage Folding Ruler

What a fantastic idea for an object that you probably don’t even use!  Best of all it only takes 5 minutes.  So if you have a vintage folding ruler, there really is no excuse not to try this awesome idea out.


3. Metal grid

All that’s needed for this creative idea is a metal grid and clips to attach your prints.


2. Wood and Wire Display

This is a great way to display printable wall art that can be easily changed depending on your mood.


1. Clipboards

Another easy and versatile way to display printable wall art.  Jazz up some clipboards or leave them plain and attach your printable.


So there you have it.  You don’t need to go with the crowd.  You can show off your own unique style by using an obsolete item that’s lying around the house, upcycle an old item or create something brand new.

Discover many other ideas for displaying printable wall art on my ‘Alternatives to Picture Frames’ Pinterest Board here.  I’m sure you will find something that screams “that’s amazing and I want to try it”!

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