Save Time this Christmas with these 100 Gift Ideas

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Make your search for Christmas gifts easier this year with this list of 100 gifts. The list is arranged by interest so you can find that unique gift that will suit everyone in your life. There is also a free printable gift list, available in 3 sizes, to help you stay organized.

100 Gift Ideas by Interest

Christmas will be here before you know it, so now is the time to start getting organized and find some gift ideas. To help you, below are 100 gift ideas grouped by interest.

I love handmade goods, made with love because I think it adds a special touch to gifts. Therefore, all of these gift ideas are sourced from Etsy from shops with a 5 star rating.

Many items are one-offs so if you see something you like, don’t wait too long to make a purchase. Also, make sure you allow plenty of time for Sellers to create personalised items.

To help you keep organized with your gift buying, I’ve created a Christmas gift list.  It’s available in three sizes – Letter, A4 and A5.

Scroll down and click the link below to download.

An ink-friendly Christmas gift list can be found here.

Keep track of all your gift buying this holiday season with this free printable gift list, available in 3 sizes. You will also find a list of 100 gift ideas to make your Christmas gift buying easier for you. For more freebies, visit

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Animal Lovers

1.  Watercoloured Illustrated Personalised Dog Mug

You can choose from a long list of dog breeds and also add the name of the recipient on the back.


2.  Animal Bookmarks

3.  Animal Decal Stickers

4.  Rabbit Keyring

5.  Animal Alphabet Print


6.  Custom Quilling Art

7.  Custom hand drawn portraits

8.  Artist’s Toolbag

9.  Personalized Painting Brush Necklace

10.  Leather Artist Roll


11.  Personalised Apron

12.  Personalised Oven Mitt & Pot Holder

13.  Personalised baking set

14.  Family Heirloom Recipe Baking Dish

15.  Embossed Rolling Pin


16.  Custom Wood shaving brush stand

17.  Makeup Brush Holder

18.  Handmade Soap

19.  Bath & Body Set

20.  Makeup Bag

Coffee Lover

21.  Solid Oak Personalised Coffee Scoop

22.  Coffee Sleeve

23.  Cursive Coffee Cup Rack

24.  Bling Crystal Mini Coffee Maker 

25.  But First Coffee Wooden Sign


26.  Engraved Hammer

27.  DIY Personalised Notebook

28.  Mechanic Keyring

29.  Hammer Saw DIY tools Cufflinks

30.  Work Tools initial necklace 


31.  Bling Computer Keyboard and Mouse

32.  iPhone sleeve

33.  Kindle Case

34.  Docking Station

35.  Leather Cord Organizer 


36.  Fashion Prints



37.  Tote bags

38.  Designer Logo Candles

39.  Engraved wooden hangers

40.  Fashion Designer Inspired Decorative Books


41.  Fitness Dumbell Cufflinks

42.  Fitness Inspiration Poster Print

43.  Inspirational Water Bottle

44.  Non-slip Athletic Headbands 

45.  Microwave Heating Pad


46.  Silk Flower Arrangement


47.  Everlasting flower Teacup garden

48.  Real Flower Jewellery

49.  Magnolia Floral Watercolor Print

50.  Flower Pillow Case Cover


51.  Personalised Garden Tools

52.  Metal Garden Stakes

53.  Stained Glass 3D Flower Twirl Suncatcher 

54.  Hanging Planter

55.  Personalised Gardening Ornament


56.  Real Flower Jewellery

57.  Sterling Silver Jewellery

58.  Monogrammed Beaded Trinket Box

59.  Jewellery Stand Silver Coat Rack 

60.  7 Chakra Necklace


61.  Piano Stickers


62.  Personalised Drumsticks

63.  Initial Music Keyring

64.  Music Treble Clef Cufflinks

65. Personalised Sterling Silver Guitar Pick


66.  Personalised Pet Bowl


67.  ID Tags

68.  Personalised Dog Collars and Leashes

69.  Teepee including pillow

70.  Personalised Christmas Cracker


71.  Camera Strap with Lens Pocket

72.  Mug for Photographer

73.  Memory Card Wallet

74.  Camera Coasters

75.  Retro Camera Decal


76.  Personalised Silver Bookmark

77.  Pocket Reading Pillow

78.  Fairytale & Storybook Sign

79.  Book Sleeves

80.  Harry Potter Keepsake Box


81.  Etched “Sewciopath” Wine Glass

82.  Mason Jar Sewing Kit

83.  Beaded decorative sewing pins

84.  Sewing Machine Cover

85.  Sewing Pattern Pocket Mirror


86.  Shopping Word Art

87.  Personalised Jute Shopping Bag

88.  Belgium Chocolate Shoes

89.  Laser Engraved Shopaholic Charm

90.  Shopping Quote Plaque


91.  Personalised Cheese/Cutting Board

92.  Personalised Sports Word Art Print

93.  Monogrammed Basketball Towel

94.  Gameday and Chill Football Mug

95.  Sports Decal Stickers


96.  Passport Cover

97.  Toiletry Bag

98.  Monogram Luggage Tag

99.  Leather Travel Journal

100.  Wanderlust Hand Embroidered Hoop Art 

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Searching for Christmas gifts for the man in your life? Check out this list of 100 ideas for him and others in your life. Also to help keep you organized is a free printable gift planner, available in 3 sizes.
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